Welcome to Phoenix Fruit Farm!

Phoenix Fruit Farm is a 103 acre farm in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Our apples and peaches are sold throughout Massachusetts through local farmstand and grocery stores, through pick-your-own at our farm, and at our Country Store.

Our fruit trees grow on a quiet hillside, and the hilltop boasts stunning views of the scenic surroundings. With such an abundance of natural beauty on the farm, every work day is a serene and sublime experience.

We are committed to growing our tree fruit with an eye to ecological balance and sustainability. We use integrated pest management practices along with holistic techniques in order to have the absolute minimum environmental impact so you, the customer, can bring home healthy, vibrant fruit while supporting the environment.

News & Events

This summer, the Phoenix Fruit Farm Country Store will be open for business. For our grand opening, we’ll have an afternoon of family fun, music and food—grilled hot dogs, burgers & veggie burgers, and free samples from our own kitchen. Come celebrate with us on Saturday, July 13th, from 12-5pm!  The farm store is located right off ...