Welcome to Phoenix Fruit Farm & Country Store!

Phoenix Fruit Farm is a 103 acre farm in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Our apples and peaches are sold throughout Massachusetts at local farmstands and grocery stores, through pick-your-own at our farm, and at our Country Store.

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Country Farm Store sign as seen from roadThe Phoenix Fruit Farm Country Store brings fresh, local produce, meat, and dairy from all over Western Mass to a convenient location on Route 181 in Belchertown.

Country Store information

Our Country Store is open! Come in the store, or call in an order and we will bring it right out to your car for you! Please be sure to wear a mask and observe social distancing. The ban on reusable bags has been lifted. We look forward to seeing you at the store: 401 Mill Valley Road, Belchertown.

Our produce is what is in season and changes weekly. We also offer locally crafted gifts. Below is a sample of our offerings but be assured we will always have coffee, baked goods and prepared meals on hand.


Baked Goods | Baking and Cooking | Beverages | CBD Products | Cleaning Supplies | Condiments, Seasonings, and Sauces | Dairy | Jams, Jellies, Sweet Preserves, Maple Products, and Honey | Local Gifts and Cards | Meats | Prepared Meals | Produce | Sweets and Snacks

Our fruit trees grow on a quiet hillside, and the hilltop boasts stunning views of the scenic surroundings. With such an abundance of natural beauty on the farm, every work day is a serene and sublime experience. Phoenix Fruit Farm is a stunningly beautiful place to bring your family for peach and apple picking!

We are committed to growing our tree fruit with an eye to ecological balance and sustainability. We use integrated pest management practices along with holistic techniques in order to have the absolute minimum environmental impact so you, the customer, can bring home healthy, vibrant fruit while supporting the environment.

Phoenix Fruit Farm