On the Farm

Phoenix Fruit Farm is a newly-founded orchard business as of 2017. The farm has a long history in the community, and has been in orchard production since 1963.

Elly Vaughan, the owner/operator, has an extensive background in organic vegetable farming and is committed to bringing those same principles of responsible land stewardship and environmental awareness to orcharding. After managing the farm for a couple of years, Elly took over ownership of the property, with the intention of building on a legacy of high-quality, local fruit, while bringing new ideas to the farm.

Phoenix Fruit Farm is committed to using the most eco-friendly practices to grow delicious, high-quality fruit for you and your family. We use advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and we foster a culture of environmental accountability in our daily work. We focus on orchard cleanliness to prevent pest problems, and we nurture pollinators by creating safe habitats for them and using mindful pest management practices. We use no herbicides on our farm, to enhance soil health and build a robust ecosystem both above-ground and below. Our farm has a wonderfully diverse population of beneficial insect species, such as syrphid flies and predatory mites, that help keep pest populations in balance. When walking in our orchard in the summer and early fall, you can even spot some monarch butterflies flitting around, a testament to the complex and rich ecosystem we sustain.

Phoenix Fruit Farm