Phoenix Fruit Farm is a newly-founded orchard business as of 2017. The farm has a long history in the community, and has been in orchard production since 1963.

Elly Vaughan, the owner/operator, has an extensive background in organic vegetable farming and is committed to bringing those same principles of responsible land stewardship and environmental awareness to orcharding. After managing the farm for a couple of years, Elly took over ownership of the property, with the intention of building on a legacy of high-quality, local fruit, while bringing new ideas to the farm. Through Integrated Pest Management practices, and encouraging a diverse ecology in the orchard, Elly has significantly reduced the farm’s use of pesticides, and is continuously finding new techniques to improve practices on the farm.

Phoenix Fruit Farm has a vision: over time, the farm will boast a plethora of fruit offerings, constantly striving towards ecological balance. By creating a diverse landscape, with habitats that encourage beneficial insects and a vibrant microbial life in the soil, we will take pest management to the next level, and continue to move away from chemical management.