A Month of Peaches

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A mile from the Phoenix Fruit Farm Country Store is our peach and apple orchard.

We’d like to invite you to visit any weekend in August to pick your own peaches or just to take in the view of the Quabbin. Because we limit pesticide use and don’t use any herbicides, our orchard is lively with wildflowers and butterflies.

Pick-Your-Own Peaches

The trees are bent to the ground with all the ripe peaches. Come pick peaches at our orchard at 249 Sabin Street, Belchertown, every weekend in August from 10am to 4pm.

Peaches at the Country Store

Our Country Store on 181 is also bursting with peaches. You can buy them by the pound or half peck, or take home an enormous box of “seconds” (peaches that didn’t win any beauty contests) for just $20. Great for canning, drying, or eating over the sink. Call in advance to request a seconds box.

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