Below are a variety of articles, videos and interviews that highlight the farm and former country store.

Valley Bounty: The Phoenix Farm Adapts

Daily Hampshire Gazette
October 1, 2021

At Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown, owner Elly Vaughan is reimagining how a mid-size orchard like hers — one of hundreds in the hills of western Massachusetts — can sustain itself and contribute to a thriving local community. Read the full article.

Seeds of Change

Yankee Magazine
August 26, 2021

Basil concedes that the stereotypical image of an orchard owner—older and male—exists for a reason. “It’s still a man’s world,” she says. But in a region at the core of New England’s biggest apple-producing state, Basil says she has felt welcomed by old-timers who see their industry begin to percolate with change. Two nearby orchards are also now headed by young women: Chelcie Martin at Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, and Elly Vaughan at Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown. Read the full article.

Phoenix Fruit Farm Continues To Expand And Promote Local Food

Business West
February 2, 2021

Elly Vaughan knows a lot about the global food system — and the myriad problems it has posed over the decades.

“Local food is so important for so many reasons,” she said. “The global food system has a lot of issues — environmental issues, workers’ human-rights violations, the way the global agricultural food system tends to strip people of their water rights in some countries. Read the full article.

Episode 118: Phoenix Fruit Farm’s Elly Vaughan

Soft Serve Podcast
January 20, 2021

Elly Vaughan is the owner/operator of Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown, MA, which is committed to using the most eco-friendly practices to grow delicious, high-quality fruit for you and your family. They use advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and foster a culture of environmental accountability in their daily work. They also focus on orchard cleanliness to prevent pest problems, and nurture pollinators by creating safe habitats for them and using mindful pest management practices. Listen to the full podcast.

Batch Ice Cream opens distribution center in Belchertown as owners grow business
July 13, 2020

Elly Vaughan, the owner-operator of Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown, has allowed the LeRiches to park their Scoop Truck outside of the farm’s store each Friday afternoon this month. Vaughan had previously partnered with the couple to sell pints of their ice cream in her store after she had seen their truck at one of Belchertown’s “Food Truck Friday” events and she fell in love with their unique ice cream, she said. Read the full article.

WRSI: Phoenix Fruit Farm

Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture/WRSI
March 16, 2020

Elly Vaughan of Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown joins Monte to talk about starting an orchard. Listen to the full interview.

A+ Awards 2020 Leader in Innovation Elly Vaughan of Phoenix Fruit Farm

Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce
November 16, 2020

Spotlight featuring Elly Vaughan of Phoenix Fruit Farm as the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce 2020 A+ Awards Leader in Innovation. Hear Elly’s story as captured by David Jeffway of Sharper Vision, LLC. Watch the complete spotlight.

Mission Driven: Young farmer focuses on millennial tastes

The Furrow (a John Deere publication)
November 1, 2020

Many farmers would have seen the 102-acre farm near Belchertown, Massachusetts, as a lost cause—its centerpiece was a 50-year-old, medium-density shrine to apple varieties that haven’t been popular in decades. But Elly Vaughan took it on in 2016 and doubled down by opening a farm store last year. In it, she saw a challenge worth taking, and turned it into more: a mission for her and for her customers. Read the full article.

CISA loans to offset rain losses

The Recorder
February 8, 2019

Loan recipients include: Chamutka Farm of Whately; Windy Ridge Farm of Hawley, Freeman Farm of Heath; Dave’s Natural Garden of Granby; Phoenix Fruit Farm of Belchertown and Twin Oaks Farm of Hadley. Read the full article. 

Phoenix Fruit Farm: Enhancing natural resources through farming

Massachusetts Food System Collaborative

Farming can place significant demands on natural resources, but many farmers employ practices that mitigate the impact of growing crops and often contribute to resource conservation and enhancement. Elly Vaughan, owner of the Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown, uses ecologically sustainable practices to grow apples and peaches. These practices help conserve water and preserve the quality of the topsoil and the water. Read the full article.

Using biodiversity to weather a changing world

Daily Hampshire Gazette
May 8, 2018

Neat rows of freshly planted peach, pear and nectarine trees sit on a hillside at Phoenix Fruit Farm, the newest addition to a decades-old orchard in Belchertown.

The new trees are one step toward the vision of Elly Vaughan, a veteran organic farmer and former manager at Atkins Farms, to diversify her crop, promote resilience and maintain a sustainable business in the face of climate change. Read the full article.

Environmental efficiency grants help local farmers combat climate change

Daily Hampshire Gazette
December 25, 2017

“I think it’s really great that the state has these programs to support farms,” said Elly Vaughan, 32, owner of Phoenix Fruit Farm in Belchertown. “It’s been a key resource for me building a business in our first year.” Read the full article.

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